Bagpipe and Drumming Courses


The Wake Co. AOH in partnership with Wake & District Pipe Band is offering beginning bagpipe and drumming lessons starting soon!

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“You don’t learn to play the Great Highland pipes on a bagpipe,” said Joe Brady, who will instruct the beginning bagpipe class, “We learn to play on a small instrument known as a practice chanter.” Prospective drummers use practice pads and drum sticks to learn their craft.

“Loaner” practice chanters” will be provided free of charge and that are much quieter than a bagpipe. Committed students are encourage to purchase a practice chanter of their own.

Instruction is designed to introduce basic rudiments and skills needed to play the bagpipe or drum. Prior musical experience or the ability to read music is not a prerequisite. There will be a nominal fee to cover the costs of materials, as well as, sticks and pads for drummers.

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