Fall 2019 President’s Message


I apologize for the long delay in updating the President’s message for our Division, Division 1, Governor Burke, Wake County. We are using this part of our website to provide a simple update, every quarter of the year. This is to provide the significant events from the previous three months, and what we believe are the significant events for the next three months.

July 2019

Historically, July is the “rest” month for Division 1. In fact, we do not have a Division meeting normally scheduled but we do have Board of Directors meeting and we do have activity. The most important item for us was the annual Ulster Project Picnic. The event was a success with some baseball, some food and some playing around in the water. This is a wonderful organization that has been helping bridge Ireland for more than 24 years!!

The AOH also completed another room renovation for New Bern House. The New Bern House is run by the Helping Hands Mission. Helping Hands has been operating the New Bern House since 1995 and the AOH has been remolding rooms and providing food and gifts for many years. The goal of the New Bern House includes Transitional Housing to provide a temporary home, tools, resources and opportunities for single mothers and other families, experiencing homelessness, to transition into independent living.


August 2019

This August we focused on preparing for our big events in the Fall and Winter. Most important of those is the Irish Music Festival. In addition, 7 new members completed the training to receive the Shamrock Degree! August begins the next 12 months of Division and Board meetings as well as the election of Brother Bob Martin as Vice President and Brother Jerry Ryan as Marshall.

September 2019

In addition to the regular meetings, September 21st is our Irish Music Festival – The Festival In The Forest. This year is shaping up to be another wonderful event and our festival partner Diaper Bank of North Carolina is a very worthy charity.


October 2019

October’s major event is the biennial North Carolina AOH State Convention. It will be held in Wilmington, NC for all of the Brothers in the State of NC.


November 2019

In addition to the normal meetings at the Knights of Columbus Events Clubhouse, November will include fundraisers for our annual Turkey Drive for the New Bern House. Last year the Division collected and delivered more than 25 turkeys  and all the fixin’s to the delight of the staff at the New Bern House and the countless they cook for.


December 2019

December is all about Christmas and our annual Christmas event at the Knights of Columbus Club. We hope 2019 is a blessed and happy year for all!


Yours in Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity,
Kevin Meagher
President, AOH, Governor Thomas Burke Division